Meet our Researchers

Find out more about some of UBC's researchers working with animals in their research.


Scott Hinch

Professor of Fisheries Conservation in the Faculty of Forestry. I study salmon ecology, behaviour and physiology.

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James Johnson

I’m a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, in both the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences and the Department of Surgery, where we study how the body works at multiple levels, from the function of single cells to the integrated physiology of whole person or animal. 

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Fabio Rossi

Fabio Rossi, Md PhD, I study tissue regeneration and how sometimes it goes wrong, which leads to the development of fibrosis. 

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Patricia Schulte

I am a professor in the Department of Zoology at UBC.  Through my research I strive to understand the mechanisms animals use to cope with environmental stressors, such as those associated with climate change and habitat alteration.  Read More


Cheryl Wellington

I’m Dr. Cheryl Wellington and I study disorders of the brain especially Alzheimer’s Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury. 

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More to come!