CCAC Assessments

Research and facilities involving animals are rigorously reviewed, inspected and regulated at federal and institutional levels.

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is the national organization responsible for setting and maintaining standards for the care and use of animals in science.

The Government of Canada on behalf of the public endorses CCAC standards for certification of animal care and use programs at all Canadian universities.

The CCAC now does a full assessment of UBC’s animal research program every six years. The assessment, conducted by the CCAC assessment panel, composed of scientists, veterinarians and community representatives, consisted of site visits and assessments of all animal research and housing facilities and a detailed review of research and teaching protocols, veterinarian reports and Animal Care Committee meeting documentation.

UBC and affiliates under the UBC Animal Care and Use Program hold a CCAC Certificate of Good Animal Practice.

Participation in CCAC programs is not voluntary. UBC must be accredited by the CCAC to receive funding from the federal government, which funds most university research in Canada. If the University fails to comply with the guidelines the Council has legal authority to immediately suspend animal care and research programs.